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An online program that provides premium sleep care through your mobile phone and computer.
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A personalized path to better sleep.

Find out what’s causing your poor sleep

Use our app, website, and home sleep tests to identify the cause of your sleep problems.

Receive your personal treatment plan

Chat online with our sleep doctors and specialists who will support and guide you through a customized treatment plan.

Experience a rested life

Getting great sleep will increase your energy and you’ll finally know what it means to feel well-rested.

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Change your sleep.
Change your life.

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Did you know poor sleep can make it impossible to lose weight?

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Unshackle yourself from fatigue.

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Did you know snoring can be associated with heart and health issues?

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Real stories from real people

“I’m all set, I have energy now! I haven't felt like this in a LONG time. I'm sending my coworkers your way.”

-Rich B.

"I'm a big, big believer in Rested. It has changed my life. I was always very tired before, but not anymore. I have so much energy now!”

-Theresa R.

"First off, you guys rule. Secondly, this feels amazing. I have so much energy I just can't contain myself. You've changed my life."

-Kevin F.
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