Good sleep is the foundation for great health. Our mission is to help people feel happier and healthier by making the highest quality sleep care easy and accessible.


This is how we began

Andy Salamon
CEO, Co-Founder

"My dad snored like a tug boat leaving the docks. We gave him a hard time about it as kids and my Mom elbowed him in the side without mercy. “Roll over, you’re snoring!” was a common refrain in our house. Every once in awhile, she’d shake him awake with a, “You’re not breathing!” He’d catch his breath and go back to sleep. That’s kind of normal though, right?

Finally, he had a pretty scary moment while heading to work one day. He fell asleep. In the driver’s seat. While driving. Thank god, he wasn’t hurt. The next day we began making appointments, but it was close to a year before he eventually found out that he had Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a surprisingly common condition that affects over 40 million Americans. In the course of helping him deal with that frustrating year - he had a total of 8 doctor visits, 2 nights in sleep labs, drove about 350 miles to make the appointments, took 15 hours off from work, and spent over $2000 out of pocket (even with his insurance) - I learned a lot about why dealing with this dangerous condition is so difficult. His experience it turns out wasn’t unique - it’s the norm. In fact, it’s the very reason why 95% of those 40 million Americans aren’t treating their condition. That’s why we started Rested in 2015 with a single, simple goal in mind - help people everywhere get better sleep, conveniently and cost-effectively.

Rested is committed to providing the best experience people have ever had when it comes to doing something good for their health and we’re extremely proud that our users convince their family and friends to try our program.

Today, we’ve helped over 50,000 people on their path to great sleep. We have the best team and technology in the country to help people find the solutions they need to sleep better. Rather than taking months out of their lives, our patients get answers and solutions within a couple weeks. Rather than taking time off work and driving hundreds of miles, our patients work with doctors and clinical experts through their smartphones without leaving home. Rather than thousands of dollars out of pocket, our patients share in the savings we get from not owning offices and big facilities. (Typically, our costs are about 40% less expensive than other options.)

If you think that you could benefit from more energy and better sleep, we hope you’ll give Rested a try. 

(By the way, my Dad is now getting Rested with us and tells anybody who asks that he feels better than he has in ten years.)"


We get out of bed every morning to help you go to bed more easily.

Every Rested team member has personally dealt with poor sleep issues and knows how life-changing better sleep can be.
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