Sleep apnea is a serious problem with serious costs.

Untreated sleep apnea results in thousands of dollars in additional comorbidity-related healthcare costs on a per member basis.

Additionally, the severe daytime drowsiness of untreated sleep apnea patients results not only in decreased productivity but also increases the risk for serious workplace mistakes or accidents.

Sleep apnea has widespread impacts on health.

When left alone, sleep apnea significantly increases the risk for developing or exacerbating a cohort of serious health issues.
2.4x increased risk for
Heart Failure
2.9x increased risk for
1.6x increased risk for
3.8x increased risk for
Untreated Sleep Apnea Sufferer
2x increased risk for
Liver Disease
2x increased risk for
High cholesterol
1.6x increased risk for
2x increased risk for

How does Rested help?

Rested utilizes machine-learning techniques and mobile technology to treat more sleep apnea sufferers effectively and efficiently, delivering optimal outcomes for patients, employers, and payers alike.
Early Detection & Activation
Mobile experiences designed to identify and motivate high risk users to pursue diagnosis and treatment.
Diagnose at 10% the cost
Our telemedicine approach to diagnosing sleep apnea offers significant savings compared to in-lab sleep studies.
Treatment Delivered to Patients
Treatment devices as well as masks selected through remote mask fitting sessions are mailed to patients directly.
Intelligently Heightened Adherence
Predictive modeling enabled delivery of precision coaching to patients at greatest risk for lapsing in treatment.

Why partner with Rested?

The Rested telemedicine solution for the management of sleep apnea provides substantial treatment cost savings compared to traditional options.

In addition, over 90% of sleep apnea patients suffer from at least one other chronic disease, which is often impacted by the strain sleep apnea puts on the body.

Through adoption of Rested, diagnosis & treatment penetration of sleep apnea is increased, resulting in improved health outcomes and more efficient utilization of healthcare resources.
  • 30%+ reduction in sleep apnea management costs
    Compared to a treatment path using in-lab polysomnography for diagnosis
  • Significant reductions in ER and acute care utilization

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